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The Jerseys small body size and impressive metabolic system is something we must emphasize.  It’s an attribute that makes the breed economically viable.

Feed Factor

Jerseys are incredibly efficient feed converters compared with other breeds. Studies claim that Jerseys save 13-18% in total feed expenses as they have the unique biological ability to utilize the energy in feed for milk production, rather than expelling it as waste. With feed costs representing approximately 55% of the input in your dairy operation, this can be a significant savings.

Decreased feed requirements result in less land base and fewer costs required to harvest and store feed. With the Jerseys early calving capability, it also means that you need less feed to get them to first calving than larger breeds.


Jersey's require 80% of the space that a mature Holstein cow requires. Regardless of your barn style and type of milking equipment, the Jersey breed thrives in any dairy environment. Part of the Jerseys success stems from a smaller body size as they take up less square footage than larger breeds. Source: ProAction, Animal Care Reference Manual, July 2015, p 7

Manure Storage

Research tells us that Jerseys require 24% less manure storage than larger breeds. Less manure output also means less manure to spread. Source: E. Curry, The Economic Analysis of Dairy Breeds, 2014, p 8, University of Guelph


View or download our 8-page brochure that talks about the efficient and profitable Jersey cow, breed progress, and why the Jersey breed is perfect for today's dairy operation.

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