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When an animal is purchased or sold, the registration paper must be signed by the original owner and submitted to Jersey Canada to update an animal’s ownership. This will ensure that future progeny can be recorded under the correct ownership and corresponding prefix. Transfers avoid any gaps in the pedigree or loss of purebred status and points when results are credited to the correct prefix (breeder and owner) for awards (production, Constructive and Master Breeder) and shows. Transferring the animal to the buyer increases her value for the new owner!  The Animal Pedigree Act requires that all animals sold must be officially transferred by the seller within six months of the sale date.

Jersey Canada may have unique rules about which animals are considered purebred. In fact, some associations allow the use of non-purebred bulls. Jersey Canada does not - and animals sired by such bulls are counted at the recordation level and their offspring grade-up from that point. If you have questions about an animal that you are considering purchasing/importing, contact us for assistance with pedigree research. Avoid disappointment and know the pedigree of the genetics you are buying or importing.

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