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Once you have decided to register your animals, the next thing to do is to select a herd name (Prefix). The fee to register a prefix is $5.00 (plus applicable tax). (Jersey Canada bylaw 16.3)

  • Prefixes may be registered through our website (below), manually by sending us the Prefix Registration Form (WORDPDF), or by contacting Jersey Canada.
  • It is possible to use the same prefix that you use for another dairy breed if that prefix is not already registered to another Jersey breeder.
  • Prefixes may be shared between family members and/or business partners.
  • Upon receipt of the application and prescribed fee, the Association will allocate a name or combination of letters and/or numbers to the breeder.
  • The Association reserves the right not to allocate names that are identical or similar to names already allocated or that are misleading or inappropriate.
  • Owners of allocated names may authorize other members of their breeding enterprise to use their herd name.
  • When discontinuing their breeding enterprise, owners of registered names may transfer their registered name to another breeder.


The prefix at the beginning of an animal’s name is the breeders equivalent of an author putting their name on the cover of a book or a painter signing their name in the corner, it says “this is my work”.  But what happens when it is a team effort between two breeders in a partnership? If you look through the herdbook, our breeders have found a number of solutions that work for their partnership and the 30 character limit on animal names.


  • Take turns assigning each breeder’s prefix (i.e. PAULLOR GROVE JENDALL and SLEEGERHOLM NORMAN JORDAN - Bred and Owned by Paul & Lorraine Franken and Mike Sleegers);
  • Use both prefixes, alternating which goes first (i.e. ST-LO DESPRESVERTS IRIA ET and DESPRESVERTS ST-LO NORA - Bred and Owned by Ferme St-Baslo & Ferme Pres Verts Inc.);
  • Use both prefixes, alternating which goes first and shortening the second (i.e. SPRINGLEA SV REMAKE VISTA BELLA and SPRUCEVALE SL VANGUARD ET - Bred and Owned by Springlea Holsteins & Sprucevale Jerseys);
  • Create a new prefix for the partnership (i.e. FDL CELEBRATING BELLE - Bred and owned by Groupe Fleur de Lys = Hillover, Pepin, Jobson & MacKinnon).

The online form below can be used to request a prefix for registration of Jersey animals. 

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  • First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice 

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