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Phyllis Harrington

Office Administrator/Secretary-Treasurer | (519) 821-1020 (ext 100) | phyllis@jerseycanada.com

Phyllis has over 16 years of experience at Jersey Canada and has a deep connection to our members and the industry in general. She is a work horse and takes care of membership, bookkeeping, finances, staff, office activity, and correspondence. Phyllis is a dynamic and innovative planner and makes sure people are on base and in position for events and meetings. As a seasoned customer service professional, Phyllis understands the needs of our members, she loves to meet new people, and can answer all of your questions regarding just about anything. Phyllis is also from the farm and with her high energy she is an avid curler, golfer and can still swing a bat like the best of them.


Jean Marc Pellerin

National Fieldman | jmp-jersey@hotmail.com | (819) 621-7875

Jean Marc is our bilingual National Fieldman, and is often referred to as our Extension Agent. He is our Jersey expert and visits farms across Canada helping breeders with registrations, transfers, embryo sourcing, milk recording, testing, classification, mating advice, bloodlines, and general herd management. Jean Marc is also available to talk about Jersey Canada, how producers can save money, and all of the benefits and resources available to Jersey breeders. He also participates in Jersey shows, sales, events and youth education programs. If you are looking for good quality breeding stock, Jean Marc is your man - he can facilitate these connections. Jean Marc loves to talk about cows in a practical manner and he enjoys spending time with his family.


Rachel Quesnel Shilletto

Bilingual Registrar and Customer Service Representative | rachel@jerseycanada.com | (519) 821-1020 (ext 101)

Rachel was raised in Eastern Ontario on a dairy farm. She spent most of her childhood summers helping in the fields and hayloft and was always found after school assisting with evening chores. Rachel brings over 20 years of customer service experience to Jersey Canada. She is a lifelong learner, an amateur photographer, loves gardening and enjoys creating new art projects with her two children.  If you have any registry questions, please contact Rachel!


Jacob Lucs

Communications Specialist | jacob@jerseycanada.com | (519) 821-1020 (ext 103)

Jacob has 20 years of experience in design and communications and is Jersey Canada's go-to person for marketing, advertising and outreach. He has extensive experience in the non-profit sector working with passionate volunteers and members. Jacob comes from a long line of Baltic dairy farmers and feels at home in a pair of muddy boots.

Morgan Sangster headshot

Morgan Sangster

Western Field Service Rep | msangster@holstein.ca | (519) 865-4367

Morgan joined the Jersey Canada team in 2017. She joined us in a Field Service Role, while continuing her role with Holstein Canada as the Field Service Rep for Western Canada. Morgan grew up on a small hobby farm in southwestern Manitoba, but has always been passionate about dairy. She has been in the dairy industry for close to 15 years, started being a milker, then onto herdsperson, to most recently before this position being the Dairy Unit Coordinator at Lakeland College. Morgan enjoys travelling the western half of Canada, meeting new producers, helping with registrations, animal transfers, attending industry events and of course, welcoming new members!

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