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Jacob Lucs

General Manager | (519) 821-1020 (ext 102) | jacob@jerseycanada.com

Jacob has over 20 years of experience working with non-profit and member-based organizations, and appreciates the important role Jersey Canada plays in the lives and livelihoods of producers across the country. He believes in the importance of collaboration, whether with industry partners, volunteers or staff, with the end goals always being in the best interests of our members. Jacob comes from a long line of Baltic dairy farmers and feels at home in a pair of muddy boots.


Phyllis Harrington

Secretary-Treasurer / Administrator | (519) 821-1020 (ext 100) | phyllis@jerseycanada.com

Phyllis has over 16 years of experience at Jersey Canada and has a deep connection to our members and the industry in general. She is a work horse and takes care of membership, bookkeeping, finances, staff, office activity, and correspondence. Phyllis is a dynamic and innovative planner and makes sure people are on base and in position for events and meetings. As a seasoned customer service professional, Phyllis understands the needs of our members, she loves to meet new people, and can answer all of your questions regarding just about anything. Phyllis is also from the farm and with her high energy she is an avid curler, golfer and can still swing a bat like the best of them.


Rachel Quesnel

Bilingual Registrar and Customer Service Representative | rachel@jerseycanada.com | (519) 821-1020 (ext 101)

Rachel was raised in Eastern Ontario on a dairy farm. She spent most of her childhood summers helping in the fields and hayloft and was always found after school assisting with evening chores. Rachel brings over 20 years of customer service experience to Jersey Canada. She is a lifelong learner, an amateur photographer, loves gardening and enjoys creating new art projects with her two children.  If you have any registry questions, please contact Rachel!

Dereck Addie

Dereck Addie

Communications Specialist / Executive Editor | dereck@jerseycanada.com | (519) 821-1020 (ext 103)

Dereck Addie graduated from Dawson College in Montreal, and has worked in the graphics, marketing and communications field for over 25 years. In addition to his design work, Dereck has extensive experience in customer service and advertising sales, developing strong working relationships with a diverse range clients and customers. He has worked with both English and French clients, and can speak to you about your advertising needs in both official languages!

Mike Bols

Mike Bols

Ontario Extension Representative | michaelbols@xplornet.ca  | (613) 601-2870

Michael with his wife Monique own and operate Drentex Jerseys in Russell, Ontario. An award-winning herd, Michael and Monique were named this year’s Master Breeders, after winning the Constructive Breeder award in 2019. Along with their hire hand, Mike Black, they milk 35 cows and farm 70 acres in Russell, Ontario, where the Drentex herd was started in 1998. Through hard work and attention to detail, Drentex Jerseys has become an internationally renowned and admired breeder.

Nick Groot

Nick Groot

Ontario Extension Representative | nick.groot@sympatico.ca  | (519) 535-0075

Nick Groot, along with his wife Trudy and their business partner Jos Heinsbroek, owned and operated Grobrook farms in Ingersoll, Ontario, for 35 years. A tightly-managed operation and a closed herd since 2000, the Grobrook breeding philosophy was towards above average production, high components, high fertility and decent functional type. They excelled among their peers in published results, appearing on the CDN / Lactanet top Jersey herds by LPI multiple times, and had several Star Brood cows and lifetime production award winners in their herd.

Larry Sheardown bio pic

Larry Sheardown

Ontario Extension Representative | larrysheardown@gmail.com | (416) 315-6110

Larry Sheardown serves Ontario as an Extension Representative, bringing more than four decades of experience to the role. Prior to joining Jersey Canada, Larry owned and operated Rexlea Jerseys near Schomberg, Ontario. This two-time Master Breeder herd is well known across Canada for producing award-winning animals, many of which have been foundational in other herds. Larry’s extensive dairy knowledge combined with well-earned respect from peers serves Ontario breeders well, whether new to Jerseys or expanding their herds.

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 12.29.06 PM

Louanne Marquis

Québec Extension Representative | Extension.Quebec@jerseycanada.com | (418) 551-6063

"Hi! I’m Louanne Marquis. I’m from a small town named St-Louis-Du-Ha!-Ha! in eastern Québec. I grew up on a dairy farm where we always have bred Jerseys cows. I’m passionate about the industry and Jerseys. I graduated from the Farm Management and Technology Program at the Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire last year, and now I’m taking Agronomy at McGill University. I’m looking forward to meeting you!"


Natasha McKillop

Natasha McKillop

Atlantic Extension Representative | nmckillop@holstein.ca | (519) 865-7154

Natasha started as Atlantic Extension Business Partner with Holstein Canada in 2018 and was contracted by Jersey Canada through Holstein Canada to assist in the same role in 2020. She is passionate about helping producers use tools such as registration, classification, milk recording and genomic testing to maximize their profitability. Natasha is a firm believer that function follows form, and loves seeing cows with great production, conformation and longevity.

toby kleinsasser headshot 2

Toby Kleinsasser

Western Extension Representative | tkleinsasser@holstein.ca | (519) 865-4367

Toby was contracted by Jersey Canada through Holstein Canada as our Western Extension Representative in late 2021.
"I have been involved in the Ag industry for as long as I can remember. From a young kid working with my dad in the dairy barn, then in the hog farrow to finish operation as well the cropping side of the farm. I worked for a breeder around Coaldale AB close to six years, where I also became involved in 4H as well as Team AB WCC. After a year with DHI, I spent the past three years working in a mixed animal veterinary clinic, as well as doing relief evenings and weekend milking. I enjoy working in the field and meeting the people that make the dairy industry as great."

Daren issac headshot

Darren Isaac

Western Extension Representative  | disaac@holstein.ca  | (519) 802-7189

I have always been fascinated by animals of all kinds. I have worked with various species of livestock, including over 4 years as a herd manager at a Manitoba dairy. With my role as classifier and field service at Holstein Canada, I'm excited to help breeders improve their cattle at a herd and breed level. I value functional conformation and profitability and using services and information to maximize cow performance on farm. I love discussing genetics and breeding programs.

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