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Throughout Canada, there are a number of provincial and regional Jersey organizations that help to promote the Jersey breed, offer service to members of Jersey Canada, and assist with providing social settings for Jersey breeders to meet. Ontario and Quebec both have Jersey organizations with hired staff due to their size and level of activity. Created in 2006, Jersey Atlantic and Jersey West are umbrella organizations in the Atlantic and Western provinces to coordinate Jersey promotion and development in those regions. They combine the efforts of provincial associations, which continue to exist in some provinces. If you are new to the Jersey world and are looking for a breeder to either see some Jersey herds or purchase cattle or embyros, feel free to contact any of these people:

What is the difference between Jersey Canada and the regional associations?

If Jersey Canada is the national association for owners and breeders of registered and recorded Jersey cattle, why are there four other Jersey associations?

The main objects of Jersey Canada are to maintain a herdbook record of the parentage of Jersey cattle born in Canada, encourage growth of the breed and genetic improvement; and enhance the breed’s position and stature in the industry.

Since Jersey Canada is governed by the Animal Pedigree Act, we are the only association which maintains the Canadian Jersey herdbook. Jersey Canada’s promotion, marketing, and breed development programs are delivered on a national scale as well. The four Regional Jersey Associations, namely Jersey West, Jersey Ontario, Jersey Quebec, and Jersey Atlantic, are there to promote, market, and develop the Jersey breed on a specialized local level.

Each regional Jersey association is very well equipped to successfully lobby provincial milk marketing boards, promote Jerseys through regional events and publications, and offer personal support to Jersey owners in a timely manner. Regional Jersey associations also facilitate youth functions, social events and networking opportunities for local Jersey owners in a more relevant and personal way than a nation-wide program. They market the breed and support dairy producers in their respective regions.

As the national breed association, Jersey Canada sets the policies, goals, and strategic direction for the Jersey breed as a whole. We then rely on Jersey West, Jersey Ontario, Jersey Quebec, and Jersey Atlantic for timely and effective marketing and education programs, tailored to suit the local markets.

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