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Each committee is chaired by a representative from the board, and comprised of volunteer members. Jersey Canada staff serve as secretary, and assist with agendas, minutes, and carrying out action items.


The Operations Committee appoints individuals who have volunteered to each of the committees in March at the time of the Annual General Meeting. The committee rosters are then presented at the Incoming Board Meeting for approval and successful nominees receive a letter of appointment.


Committee members typically attend two meetings a year, either in person or by teleconference. Each committee is a little different and involvement may include: discussions, information gathering, idea generation, coordination of a program, and/or participation at an event.

In an effort to respect the time and energy of committee members, individuals can serve on a committee up to six consecutive years. Following the sixth year, a two-year sabbatical is mandatory before being able to join another Jersey Canada committee.

Volunteer for a Jersey Canada Committee!

Our Jersey Canada board of directors and committee volunteers are leaders that share your passion.
They have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference and support the Jersey breed and its future.

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