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Jersey Canada Extension Representatives provide farm-level support to Jersey Canada members and Jersey breeders across the country. In collaboration with Jersey Ontario and Jersey Quebec, and in contract with Holstein Canada to serve Western and Eastern Canada, seven extension representatives are available to anyone interested in Jerseys, or those that already have Jerseys in their herd. Friendly and knowledgeable reps will provide on-farm assistance and tools to help producers achieve their business goals.

This program’s main purpose is to encourage and facilitate use of services offered by Jersey Canada, and animal improvement services offered by industry partners. This initiative also includes elements of mentorship and education. Input can be provided on management of Jerseys, breeding topics, nutrition, dairy education outreach at agricultural schools, or connecting breeders to outside resources to help achieve individual goals.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like to contact an extension representative in your area, please contact the Jersey Canada office at info@jerseycanada.com.



Nick Groot

Nick Groot

Western Ontario Extension Representative
(519) 535-0075

Nick Groot, along with his wife Trudy and their business partner Jos Heinsbroek, owned and operated Grobrook farms in Ingersoll, Ontario, for 35 years. A tightly-managed operation and a closed herd since 2000, the Grobrook breeding philosophy was towards above average production, high components, high fertility and decent functional type. They excelled among their peers in published results, appearing on the CDN / Lactanet top Jersey herds by LPI multiple times, and had several Star Brood cows and lifetime production award winners in their herd.

Al Cunnington

Al Cunnington

West Central Ontario Extension Representative
(416) 209-9852

Al Cunnington milked a small Jersey herd of 25 head under the prefix ALAND and still owns a few registered animals today. He is a strong believer in the importance of cow families and with the purchase of his first three Jerseys, developed a genetic foundation that led to a herd with multiple Star Brood cows. In 2014, Alan and his wife Julie received a Jersey Canada Constructive Breeder award and have bred and owned multiple All Canadians during their active years.

Larry Sheardown bio pic

Larry Sheardown

Central Ontario Extension Representative
(416) 315-6110

Larry Sheardown serves Ontario as an Extension Representative, bringing more than four decades of experience to the role. Prior to joining Jersey Canada, Larry owned and operated Rexlea Jerseys near Schomberg, Ontario. This two-time Master Breeder herd is well known across Canada for producing award-winning animals, many of which have been foundational in other herds. Larry’s extensive dairy knowledge combined with well-earned respect from peers serves Ontario breeders well, whether new to Jerseys or expanding their herds.

Mike Bols

Michael Bols

Eastern Ontario Extension Representative
(613) 601-2870

Michael with his wife Monique owned and operated Drentex Jerseys in Russell, Ontario, selling the herd in early 2022. An award-winning herd, Michael and Monique were named this 2022 Jersey Canada Master Breeders, after winning the Constructive Breeder award in 2019. Through hard work and attention to detail, Drentex Jerseys became an internationally renowned and admired breeder.


Jean Marc

Jean Marc Pellerin

Quebec Extension Representative
(819) 621-7875

Jean Marc is a Jersey expert and visits farms across Quebec helping breeders with registrations, transfers, embryo sourcing, milk recording, testing, classification, mating advice, bloodlines, and general herd management. Jean Marc is also available to talk about Jersey Canada, how producers can save money, and all of the benefits and resources available to Jersey breeders. He also participates in Jersey shows, sales, events and youth education programs. If you are looking for good quality breeding stock, Jean Marc is your man - he can facilitate these connections. Jean Marc loves to talk about cows in a practical manner and he enjoys spending time with his family.

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