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Registered Jerseys bring in more profit, dominate the Canadian Jersey market and are highly regarded globally. Selling an animal with proper identification and pedigree information gives buyers more confidence in their selection and increases the value of the animal. It also opens up A.I. incentives and export opportunities.

Why register your Jerseys?

Jersey Canada is the non-profit national association for owners and breeders of registered and recorded Jersey cattle. The association is responsible for the management of the Jersey herdbook, and its role is to provide tools to increase profitability and develop the Jersey breed in Canada.

As gatekeepers of Jersey data and providers of multiple tools and programs, Jersey Canada helps breeders make good decisions.

Can anyone register their Jersey animals?

Although you don't have to be a Jersey Canada member to register your purebred Jerseys or record your percentage animals, our members receive discounts on registrations and transfers - plus there are numerous exclusive benefits and perks.

Click here to see our fees.

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What is the herdbook?

The herdbook, often referred to as our pedigree database, is an on-line register where an animal’s permanent identification, its ancestry, date-of-birth, and ownership is recorded. It also includes breeding and progeny records, genetic markers, classification results and production data from milk recording services for registered cows.

In Canada, the herdbook is governed by the Animal Pedigree Act, which supports breed improvement and protects individuals that raise and purchase animals. Accurate pedigree information is essential to the ongoing improvement of the breed.


It's Your Choice

Jersey Canada registers over *10,500 animals annually and approximately *84% are registered electronically. Purity designations are based on the association’s by-laws, herdbook regulations and government legislation. *2017 Registration Statistics 

For on-line registration, click here. A password and established account are required to register your animals on-line. To receive a password, contact the Jersey Canada Registrar: info@jerseycanada.com or (519) 821-1020 (ext 101). Please allow one day for activation of password.

For manual registration, download the Application for Registration and follow the instructions below. If you would like manual registration forms sent to you, please contact us.

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