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If you have questions regarding Jerseys in your area, or are a member with questions for Jersey Canada, you can talk to your regional representative on the Board of Directors.

President: George Van Kampen (Geordawn)
Amaranth, ON

1st Vice President: Doug Robinson (Payneside)
Finch, ON

2nd Vice President: Danny Morin (MSM Jerseys)
St-Felix-de-Kingsey, QC

Rebekah Mathers (Sterling Park)
Lacombe, AB

Deanna Doctor (Redview)
Kensington PEI


Jon Kingdon (Charlyn)
Warwick Township, ON

Linda Horner (Redhot)
Blumenort, MB

Danny Ostiguy (Heritage)
Valcourt, QC

Melissa Bowers (Lencrest)
Coaticook, QC


As a national breed association, Jersey Canada operates in a democratic fashion, where members hold political power, exercised directly or indirectly through elected representatives. Simply put, Jersey Canada members direct the actions of the association by exercising their right to vote at general meetings. Between meetings, the Board of Directors or Executive Committee act on behalf of the membership.

Jersey Canada members elect a nine-seat Board of Directors. The Board of Directors works in the best interest of the membership by directing the General Manager. In turn, the General Manager is the point-person for Jersey Canada staff. Staff provide service to Jersey owners and affiliates across Canada.

Jersey owners are accountable to Jersey Canada staff (i.e. paying for services rendered). Jersey Canada staff are accountable to the General Manager. The General Manager is accountable to the Board of Directors. And the Board of Directors is accountable to the membership.

Board of Directors
General Manager
Jersey Owners

The above corporate structure is in place to avoid confusion. It ensures that clear messages are passed from one group to the next in the most efficient manner possible.

Many people will find themselves in both the Membership and Jersey Owners segment of Jersey Canada, as a vast majority of members own animals and therefore make use of the services provided by Jersey Canada. It may seem confusing for a single person to be both at the top and bottom of chart. It is important to remember that the role of a member is very different than the role of a Jersey owner. A Jersey owner is a client of Jersey Canada, as they benefit from registry and marketing services offered by the association. Members hold the power to direct the association by guiding the actions of the Board.

Therefore, when wearing your “Jersey Owner hat,” you are encouraged to voice any comments or concerns to Jersey Canada Staff. This includes concerns regarding invoicing, accuracy of registry work, or quality of service provided. In many cases, Jersey Canada staff will be able to address your concerns directly. In rare situations where staff are not able to immediately assist, your concerns will be taken to the General Manager, and if necessary, on to the Board of directors.

When wearing your “Member hat,” you are encouraged to bring your comments and concerns to the Board of Directors. This includes concerns regarding association policy, objectives, or the strategic direction of Jersey Canada. The Board will consider your input, and act in the best interest of all members. Any changes to policy, goals, direction etc. will be communicated to the General Manager, and subsequently, the staff will execute the changes.

As a democratic association, our members have the ultimate say in the strategic success of Jersey Canada. The elected Board of Directors represent the membership as whole, by directing the General Manager. The General Manager leads the Staff, and the Staff delivers results to Jersey owners in Canada.

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