2021 Jersey Canada Registry Report

2021 registry numbers graphic

Registered Jersey activity continues to increase in Canada!

2021 Registrations: 12,261
2021 Transfers: 3,542
2021 Memberships: 1,110

2021 Registration numbers for Canadian Jerseys were the highest since 1963 and the highest ever in the modern era.

Higher feed efficiency, lower input costs, earlier calving, and 22% more milk solids produced per kg. of bodyweight (compared to the industry standard) are making it easy for producers to add Jerseys. These new Jersey owners are also seeing the benefits of becoming a Jersey Canada member, with our 4th highest membership total in 55 years. Members not only save on registrations and transfers, but also contribute to the continual improvement of the Canadian Jerseys by supporting Jersey Canada, qualify for awards and contests, and receive our quarterly magazine – the Canadian Jersey Breeder.

“The proof is in the pudding folks! The Jersey breed continues to propel itself forward to be a major player in the future of the dairy industry. Be proud fellow Jersey Breeders and Members, the future is bright for the Jersey cow and Jersey Canada!” -Joanne Edwards, President Jersey Canada

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