Jersey Canada Director Elections

Jersey Canada members are reminded of the elections which are to take place this fall. The following areas are due for election, and the incumbents in these regions are:

District: Ontario1-John Vander Wielen

District: Quebec 1-Joshawa Barter

District: Atlantic 1-Rhonda Hulan

District: West 1-David Morey (2018 President)

Based on constitutional amendments approved by the membership in March 2012, elections will be held in districts Ontario 1, Quebec 1, and Atlantic 1 for three-year terms to begin at the Annual General Meeting to be held in April 2019.

An election will also be held for the district West 1, to fill the remaining year for the seat currently held by 2018 President, David Morey. This one-year term will begin at the Annual General Meeting to be held in April 2019.

To be eligible become and remain a director, the nominee must be a member in good standing of Jersey Canada, reside in the district for which he/she is to be elected, and be the registered owner of at least ten living females, registered in the Canadian Jersey Cattle Register.

Please note that incumbents MUST be re-nominated to be eligible for re-election. Nomination for the office of director must be made in writing, to be received at the office of the Association by the 30th day of September. To be valid, a nomination must be signed by five members in good standing, not including the nominee, all residing in the electoral district, and the nominee, must, by his/her signature, show willingness to act in the best interest of the corporation.

Nomination forms are available from the national office. If, on October 1st, there is only one valid nomination in the electoral district, the nominee shall be declared elected.

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