The redesigned Canadian Jersey Breeder

We at Jersey Canada are excited to present the redesigned Jersey Breeder magazine. This redesign aligns the Jersey Breeder with the revised Jersey Canada logo and website, both completed in 2017. It further enhances the Jersey Canada brand as a modern breed organization, providing another tool for members to increase their profitability and the profitability of the Jersey breed.

To better recognize our role as a nation-wide publication, there is an increased emphasis on treating bilingual text in a consistent and clear way. This benefits all Jersey Canada members, as we better engage the 47% of our membership that lives in French-speaking or bilingual provinces.

Without Jersey breeders, the Jersey Breeder magazine wouldn’t exist. We will encourage readers to take a more active role in the content by soliciting feedback. We want to hear from you! Story ideas? Suggestions? What are the important issues that aren’t being talked about? Through outreach and engagement, we will strive to connect more fully with our readership and members.

Since its first issue in December 1946, 74 years ago, the Canadian Jersey Breeder has been the foremost source for all things Jersey in Canada. It remains a relevant source of news, information and opinion; playing a vital role in documenting the Jersey breed in Canada. This magazine redesign presents the Jersey Canada brand in a mature yet exciting voice, echoing the Jersey breed’s storied history, rapid growth and bright future.

– Jacob Lucs, Communications Specialist, Jersey Canada



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