2022 National Jersey Show Statement

Regarding the 2022 National Jersey Show, which took place at the recent Royal Agricultural Winter Fair; a cow was entered and shown in the Lifetime Component class incorrectly by the owner/exhibitor. Upon review by Jersey Canada staff, it was noted her official lifetime total solids produced did not qualify her to compete in the class. Unfortunately, this information was not communicated to the exhibitor, Golden Jerseys, prior to the show. As a result, the animal, Golden Excitation Pocahontas, was disqualified and her placing in the Lifetime Component class was removed. The exhibitor also lost their chance to show the cow in the Mature Cow class because of this error.

Jersey Canada would like to acknowledge our role in this situation. Jersey Canada staff did not notify the exhibitor prior to the show, and we deeply regret this error. We apologize to the Burgess family for this oversight and recognize the hardship this has caused. Due diligence on our part was not performed at the level members and exhibitors have come to expect from our organization. We have taken steps to amend and update our policies regarding pre-show procedures and entries for the National Jersey Show to ensure this does not happen again.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact:

Jacob Lucs
General Manager, Jersey Canada

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