2017 All Canadians

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 All Canadian Contest!

The Champion Cow of the 2017 All Canadian Contest, for the third year in a row, is MUSQIE IATOLA MARTHA ET (photo above), owned and exhibited by Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna WI, USA and Fernando Jarquin. The Champion Heifer of the 2017 All Canadian Contest is Tierneys Comerica Lady A, owned and exhibited by Lookout Jerseys, Frank & Diane Borba, Blair & Jaime Weeks and Parrabel Genetics.

Jersey Canada would like to thank Agri-Brands Purina as premier sponsor.

4-H Jr/Int Calf – Génisse Jr-Int 4-H
All Canadian: Paullor Tequila Novelle – Paullor Farms / Paul and Lorraine Franken ~ Kailey Hallahan
Reserve: Paullor Re-Action Radiant – Paullor Farms / Paul and Lorraine Franken ~ Landon Hallahan
Honourable Mention: Beslea Joel Spring Fling – Beslea Farms ~ Cohen Brown
Sleegerholm PJ Victorious Jen – Paul and Lorraine Franken, Mike Sleegers ~ Emma Lewis
Sleegerholm Joel Vixen – Mike Sleegers ~ Kyla Lewis
Caliber Raze A Lil Hell – Caliber Jerseys ~ Carrie Stockdale

Winning Jerseys by Class & Owners/Exhibitors:

4-H Senior Calf – Génisse Senior 4-H
All Canadian: Avonlea Fizz’s Vendetta – Avonlea Genetics, Taylor & Will Vander Meulen ~ Will Vander Meulen
Reserve: Paullyn Tequila Eliza – Paullyn Farms ~ Micaela Hill

4-H Summer Yearling – Un an d’été 4-H
All Canadian: Glenholme Irresistable Aspect – Glenholme Jerseys / Robert and Bruce Mellow ~ Curtis Ruta
Reserve: Paullor Ace’s Follow – Paullor Farms / Paul and Lorraine Franken ~ Emily Franken
Honourable Mention: Bell City Trident Leather – Bell City Jerseys Ltd, Hollylane Jerseys ~ Bryce Seaborn
Nominated: Joren Nevada Gizmo – Joren Jerseys ~ Keeton Jones

4-H Junior Yearling – Un an Junior 4-H (tie)
All Canadian: Cedarvilla Jade Tiddlywinks – Caliber Jerseys / Randy and Tara Bullock ~ Kyle Stockdale
All Canadian: Locust Edge Naughty Tequila – Sharpelane Farms / L & D Sharpe, G & S Burgess ~ Brett Pattn

Junior Calf – Génisse Junior
All Canadian: Intense Gentry Deesse – Real-IT Holsteins, Katie Kearns
Reserve: L’Ormiere Tequila Roxe – Christine Desrosiers, Julien & C A Sicard
Honourable Mention: Beslea Velocity Lion – Beslea Farms
Nominated: Bridon RKR Essence – Bridon Farms; Campbell TB Gentry Rosetta – Campbell Jersey & Trail Blazer Jerseys; Belfontaine Tequila Payton – Real It Holstein, Ferme Vinbert

Intermediate Calf – Génisse Intermédiaire
All Canadian: Arethusa Impression Krimson ET – Arethusa Farm
Reserve: Lothmann Joel Lavander – Markus Lothman
Honourable Mention: Arethusa Premier Starlight ET – Arethusa Farm
Nominated: Elegance Barnabas Chipits – Ferme Elegance; Hickory Acres Krash Colton – Cybil Fisher, Jack Hanford, Avonlea Genetics; Drentex Tequila Gambit – Jenna James

Senior Calf – Génisse Senior
All Canadian: Avonlea Fizz’s Vendetta – Avonlea Genetics, Taylor and Will Vander Meulen
Reserve: Riview Ready Set Glo – Alana Mckinven, Emilie and Charlotte Borba
Honourable Mention: Glenholme Ressurection Allis – Glenholme Jerseys / Robert and Bruce Mellow
Nominated: Maughlin Tequila Excitement – Laurent Lambert, John Weaver, Ferme Beaudoin
Arethusa Colton Vapor ET – Arethusa Farm; Dulet Joel Brianna – Ferme Dulet

Summer Yearling – Un an d’été
All Canadian: SV Colton Highway ET – Milksource Genetics / Shelby Ostrom
Reserve: Schulte Bros Teq Dare ET – Avonlea Genetics, Juan Carlos Hurtado, Taylor Vander Meulen
Honourable Mention: Dulet Joel Brioche – Ferme Dulet
Nominated: Drentex Getaway Patty Cake – Jenna James; Charlyn Perennial Venue Nutela – Charlyn Jerseys, Brian Weldrick; Charlyn Perennial Venue Nitro – Charlyn Jerseys, Brian Weldrick

Junior Yearling – Un an Junior
All Canadian & Champion Heifer: Tierneys Comerica Lady A – Lookout Jerseys, Frank & Diane Borba, Blair & Jaime Weeks, Parrabel Genetics
Reserve: Charlyn Showdown Estatic – Charlyn Jerseys
Honourable Mention: Willow Creek Hired Gun Voila – Yellow Briar Farm
Nominated: Locust Edge Naughty Tequila – Sharpelane Farms / L & D Sharpe, G & S Burgess; Campbell TB Reviresco Jojoba – Campbell Jersey & TrailBlazer Jerseys; Pleasant Nook Apple Dumpling – Pleasant Nook

Intermediate Yearling – Un an Intermédiaire
All Canadian: Golden Getaway Exotica – Golden Jerseys / Glen and Sheila Burgess
Reserve: Edgelea Drentex Cdn Pharoah – Joel Bagg, Mike Bols
Honourable Mention: Aland Perfect Ryker – Alan & Julie Cunnington
Nominated: Alexvale Vivitar Goodielicious – Jamie Alexander, Mark McPhedran; Payneside DBR IT Ping – Kingsdale Jersey Farm; Hollylane Trident Marvel – Hollylane Jerseys

Milking Yearling – Un an en lactation
All Canadian: Maker Applejack Get Over It – Budjon Farms, Peter Vail
Reserve (tied): Marbro Tequila Kristianne – Pleasant Nook Jerseys
Reserve (tied): Rescator Firepower Alyssia – Pleasant Nook, J and P Black, Crackholm Holsteins
Nominated: Lencrest Exciting Quinn 2 – Kingsdale Jerseys; Edgelea Glenholme TQ Vacation – Carol Ruta, Joel Bagg; Golden Tequila Moolah – Golden Jerseys / Glen and Sheila Burgess

Junior Two Year Old – Deux ans Junior
All Canadian: Pleasant Nook Premier Jellyroll – Pleasant Nook
Reserve: Pleasant Nook/WR Premier Volia – Pleasant Nook, Jamie and Petra Black
Honourable Mention: MB Lucky Lady Path to Fame – Lookout Jerseys, Frank and Diane Borba
Nominated: Golden Dragon Moyrah – Golden Jerseys / Glen and Sheila Burgess; Riview Premier Sophastar – Kristie, Kyle, Chelsea and Jaclyn Rivington; Lookout River Baby – Lookout, B. McKinven, F and D Borba

Senior Two Year Old – Deux ans Senior
All Canadian (tied): Lookout Honey Here I Am – Lookout, T McKinven, Frank and Diane Borba
All Canadian (tied): Rollingriver Press Release – Adam Fraley, Frank and Diane Borba
Honourable Mention: Stoney Point Grand Bea – Avonlea Genetics, Cybil Fisher, Jake Hanford
Nominated: Edgelea Tequila Sheraton – Budjon Farms, Peter Vail, David Jordan; Marlau Premier Tabernack – Laurent Lambert, John Weaver; Glenholme Affirmed Truth – Glenholme Jerseys / Robert and Bruce Mellow

Junior Three Year Old – Trois ans Junior
All Canadian: Fairvista Koop Ferocious – Ferme Intense, Ferme Jacobs, William Morille
Reserve: Arethusa Vespera – Arethusa Farm
Honourable Mention: Charlyn Impression Bindy – Charlyn Jerseys
Nominated: Masonvale Joel Superstar – Alicia and Justin Veronneau, Fleury Holsteins; Morningmist B E Groovy 228B – Morningmist Jerseys / Jim and Cathy Mason; RJF Premier Champagne – RJ Farms / Robert Jarrell

Senior Three Year Old – Trois ans Senior
All Canadian: Glenholme Maestro Takoda – Curtis Ruta, Adrian Franken
Reserve: Genesis Excitation Hannah – C. Desrosiers, J and C Sicard, P. Boulet
Honourable Mention: Drentex Gentry Gizmo – Michael and Monique Bols
Nominated: MB Lucky Lady Fired Up – F and D Borba, Lookout, Elite Haven; Golden Irwin Dazzle – Golden Jerseys / Glen and Sheila Burgess; Bridon Velocity Ramble – Bridon Farms

Four Year Old – Quatre ans
All Canadian: Schulte Bros Tequila Shot ET – Budjon Farms, David Jordan, Peter Vail
Reserve: Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip – Avonlea Genetics Inc.
Honourable Mention: Rich Valley GG Adalida 241 – Pleasant Nook
Nominated: Bri-Lin Karballa Salvia ET – Bri-Lin Jerseys; Bridon Rocket Amuse – Bridon Farms; Charlyn Perennial Impress Netty – Charlyn Jerseys, Bryan Weldrick

Five Year Old – Cinq ans
All Canadian: Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri – Pleasant Nook
Reserve: JL Vincent Sapphira – C. Desrosiers, J and C Sicard, P. Boulet
Honourable Mention: Paullor Vivitar Ramble – Paullor Farms / Paul and Lorraine Franken
Nominated: Pleasant Nook Vincent Cupcake – Pleasant Nook; Arethusa HG Victoria ET – Arethusa Farm
Pleasant Nook Action Posh – Pleasant Nook

Mature Cow – Vache Adulte
All Canadian Champion Cow: Musqie Iatola Martha ET – Milksource Genetics, Fernando Jarquin
Reserve: Pleasant Nook Sultan Jetta – Pleasant Nook
Honourable Mention: Marlau Socrates Arcadios ET – Cybil Fisher, Patty Jones, Avonlea Genetics
Nominated: Pleasant Nook Action Frisky – Pleasant Nook; Brothers Nevada Karamel – Riley, Linden & Parker Masters; Dutcholm Excitation Lucita – Morningmist Jerseys / Jim and Cathy Mason

Lifetime Components – Des composantes à vie
All Canadian: Pleasant Nook Happy Birthday – Pleasant Nook
Reserve: Huronia RBR Bree 37R – RJ Farms / Robert Jarrell
Honourable Mention: RJF Comerica Charity ET – RJ Farms / Robert Jarrell
Nominated:Hometown Black Magic – Hometown Jerseys / Neil and Melanie Hunter; Bridon Jade’s Procure ET – Enniskillen Jersey Farm

Junior Breeder’s Herd – Troupeau d’éleveur Junior
All Canadian: Arethusa Impression Krimson ET; Arethusa Premier Starlight ET; Arethusa Colton Vapor ET
Reserve: Avonlea Fizz’s Vendetta; Avonlea Fernleaf Flirtatious; Avonlea Velocity Kiki
Honourable Mention: Charlyn Perennial Venue Nitro; Charlyn Perennial Venue Nutela; Charlyn Keeper Satisfied
– Glenholme Vivacious Fizz; Glenholme Gentry Technique; Glenholme Ressurection Allis
– Dulet Joel Brioche; Dulet Joel Beyonce; Dulet Joel Brianna
– Campbell TB Reviresco Jojoba; Campbell TB River June Carter; Campbell TB Gentry Rosetta

Breeder’s Herd – Troupeau d’éleveur
All Canadian: Pleasant Nook Action Frisky; Pleasant Nook Sultan Jetta; Pleasant Nook Daiquiri
Reserve: Arethusa Vesperra; Arethusa Impression Sunshine ET; Arethusa HG Victoria ET
Honourable Mention: MB Lucky Lady Path to Fame; MB Lucky Lady Fired Up; MB Lucky Lady Feliz Navidad
– Charlyn Tequila Emmie; Charlyn Impression Bindy; Charlyn Perennial Impress Netty
– Bridon Val Silk; Bridon Velocity Ramble; Bridon Rocket Amuse
– Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip; Avonlea CF Supreme; Avonlea Velvet’s Vogue

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